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Residential Duct Design in Barrie

When it comes to the air flowing through your house, the design of the duct system plays a huge role. If you’re having a hard time keeping your home cool in the summer or properly heated during the winter, it could be because of your ducts. With professional services like duct design in Barrie from House Tech Design, we’ll make sure your HVAC systems are running as smoothly as possible. Not only will proper duct design help heat and cool your home effectively, it’s also valuable for energy efficiency. For more information about the services we offer, contact House Tech Design today.

Why Duct Design is Important

Even if you have the most energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, they’re only as good as the ductwork will allow. It’s important to have to have ductwork that is well-planned and designed so it can deliver the air throughout your home with minimal waste. Here at House Tech Design, we offer professional duct design to residents in Barrie and the surrounding areas. Benefits of properly designed duct systems include: 

  • Effectiveness: When duct systems are correctly installed and designed they will deliver warm and cool air more effectively. That means it’ll be easier to maintain an even, more comfortable temperature in all rooms. 
  • Efficiency: Duct issues impair airflow. So when ductwork systems are designed properly, it lets your HVAC system operate with optimal efficiency, while also reducing wear and tear. 
  • Health: When there are issues with air ducts it can mean the air it’s circulating isn’t as clean as it should be. A well designed duct system will minimize your exposure to harmful pollutants like molds and more.

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What Makes an Effective Duct System?
A lot goes into designing a duct system. Each home has its own unique challenges and obstacles. Here at House Tech Design, we approach each individual duct design in Barrie with the goal of conquering those unique challenges. There are never any “one size fits all” answers in this business. Our team considers things like duct location, material, sizing and layout and much more when designing a duct system. Here’s a quick overview of some of those factors:

  • Design and location: Heating and cooling systems are among the first aspects considered early in the design phase of a home, giving the builder enough space to properly install ductwork. Most of the time, air handlers are placed in the center of the home, allowing for shorter, more efficient ducts and better airflow. Placing the ducts in interior walls and ceilings helps avoid energy loss. 
  • Material: Many materials go into effective duct design, including sheet metal, fibreglass duct boards and flex ducts. One of the most important factors is limiting friction, which creates drag and will slow down airflow, limiting the overall efficiency. 
  • Sizing: Properly sized ducts will ensure you system is working properly. Using the wrong size ducts will make it harder to heat or cool areas of your home and cut down on energy efficiency.

For more information about the services we offer, contact House Tech Design today.

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